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Some Overseas student Returned from US or Europe, Nothing To Do

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Note: Some Overseas student,after Returned China from US or Europe, Nothing To Do or Do Nothing,Why?They only learned to ea

Some Overseas student,after Returned China from US or Europe, Nothing To Do or Do Nothing,Why?

They only learned to eat, drink, play and enjoy the good environment abroad.

Many rich family in China have invested millions of dollars to help their children study in Britain or the United States. They have been lazy in good living conditions and environment abroad and can not meet the needs of the Chinese market after returning home.

Recently, a family dispute case happened in Nanjing, and the story behind it is so hilarious.

More than a decade ago, Mr. Wang spent millions to send his son Xiaowang abroad to study. After returning home, his son stayed at home and did not work. All his real estate cars were bought by his father, Mr. Wang.

Looking at his son idling all day, Mr. Wang was very angry and often quarreled with him. In the previous days, he sold his son's car as a punishment. The angry Xiao Wang retaliated by smashing his father's car.

Contradictions were further intensified. After Mr. Wang's car was smashed, he hit his son's home in a fit of pique.

Some Overseas student Returned from US or Europe, Nothing To Do and can do nothing。

At about 4:30 a.m. on July 14, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received an alarm that in a small area near the lake, a son in his 30s would cut his father with a knife.

When the special police arrived, the room was in a mess. only Mr. Wang, who was in his 60s, was present and his son Xiao Wang was not seen.

At the sight of the special police, Mr. Wang began to complain. He told the SWAT that he was a businessman and had good family conditions.

Xiao Wang, 34, spent millions of dollars to send him to Britain for further study more than a decade ago. But when Xiao Wang returned home, he never found a job. He spent all his time idling around and gnawing at his old age. His father also bought his house and car.

Mr. Wang is not used to his son's "waste firewood" at home. He often quarrels fiercely with Xiao Wang and sometimes even fights with him.

Recently, the contradiction between the two has intensified. Recently, Mr. Wang sold his son's Land Rover as a punishment. Xiao Wang was so angry that he smashed his father's car to vent.

Finally, the two sides were brought to the police station for mediation.

Ms Li,working for gmtlight, she said, Many students didnt study hard abroad and Enjoy their Life in USA or UK, and get lazy. Playing games all day, not learning knowledge, lazy to do. After returning home, They will not do any work, Also they dont have the ability to do any work.

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