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How to withdraw money from Western Union remittance?

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Note: How can withdraw money after a customerusing Western Union remittance?If you open an account in the Cooperative Bank of Western Union, you can log in to your personal online bank, go to the

How can withdraw money after a customer using Western Union remittance?

If you open an account in the Cooperative Bank of Western Union, you can log in to your personal online bank, go to the relevant Western Union remittance column and follow the prompts. In this way, it saves the trouble of queuing directly to the bank.

Of course, you can also follow the following ways and steps.

@@@Confirmation of payment

Please make sure that the remittance can be withdrawn before you go to the western union network. You can contact the remitter directly for //confirm/i/iation, or track the remittance status online.

Western Union remittance needs to verify the following information:

The name of the receiver

Remittance monitoring number (MTCN)

Valid ID number of foreign exchange receiver

Name and bank card account number of the collecting bank

If the same collector uses the direct to account remittance service through the same bank card account later, he does not need to call the China service hotline to verify the necessary information.

@@@Go to cooperative branch bank

Remember to carry the following information: remitter's name (including last name, middle name and first name) remittance country / region remittance amount remittance monitoring number (MTCN) government issued ID card with photo.

@@@Fill in the collection form

Just fill out the form and provide the partner with the remittance monitoring number (MTCN) and the photo ID card.

@@@Sign receipt

A receipt will be given to you. Read it all and sign it.


The partner will then give you the amount together with the receipt. The transaction is completed. Please put the remittance you received in a safe and secure place.

gmtlight: it's easy for you to operate the collection of Western Union remittance in online banking, which is convenient, labor-saving and fast.

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