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How to distinguish the authenticity of silica gel?

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Note: What are the categories of silica gel? How to distinguish the authenticity of silica gel?Silica gel that we usually refer to is organic silica gel. It is a kind of organic silicon compound. It refers

What are the categories of silica gel? How to distinguish the authenticity of silica gel?

Silica gel that we usually refer to is organic silica gel. It is a kind of organic silicon compound. It refers to the compound that contains Si-C bond and at least one organic group is directly connected with silicon atom. It is also customary to regard those compounds that connect organic group with silicon atom through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. as organic silicon compounds. Among them, polysiloxane with silicon oxygen bond (- Si-O-Si -) as the skeleton is the most widely studied and widely used one, accounting for more than 90% of the total amount.

Silicone products can be divided into three categories according to different molding process,Silicone is mainly divided into silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and silane coupling agent.

Molded silica gel is widely used in daily necessities processing

Molded silica gel products are usually molded by high-temperature mold. After putting in the solid silica gel raw material with vulcanizing agent, the pressure is exerted by the vulcanizing machine. The raw material is combined with the color paste to transfer out the required color according to Pantone color card number. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silica gel products. Molded silica gel products are the most widely used in the silica gel industry. Mainly used for making silicone industrial accessories, buttons, silicone gifts, silicone bracelet, silicone watch, key bag, mobile phone cover, silicone kitchenware, silicone mat, ice lattice, cake mold and so on.

Extruded silica gel products

Extruded silica gel products are usually formed by extrusion machine. Generally, the shape of extruded silica gel is long and tubular, which can be cut at will. However, the shape of extruded silica gel has limitations, which is widely used in medical devices and food machinery.

Liquid silicone products

Liquid silica gel products are injection molded by silica gel. The products are soft. Because of its soft characteristics, they are widely used in the simulation of human organs, medical silica gel breast pads, etc.

Special silicone products

Special silica gel products are based on the chemical characteristics of silica gel or the addition of some auxiliary raw materials. Special silica gel products can also have high temperature resistance (up to 330 degrees), food grade (fully in line with the U.S. FDA, lfgb standards), medical grade, flame retardant grade, luminous, negative ion, color change, and other characteristics by adding auxiliary raw materials.

Properties of organosilicon

The basic structural unit of organic silica gel products is composed of silicon oxygen chain, and the side chain is connected with other organic groups through silicon atoms. Therefore, the structure of silicone products contains both "organic group" and "inorganic structure". This special composition and molecular structure make it integrate the characteristics of organic matter and the functions of inorganic matter. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding properties of silicone products are high temperature resistance, long service life and good insulation.

Because of these excellent properties, silicone has a wide range of applications. It is not only used as a special material in aviation, cutting-edge technology and military technology departments, but also used in various departments of the national economy. Its application scope has been expanded to: construction, electronics and electricity, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine and so on.

How to distinguish true and false silicone products?


In terms of hand feel, silicone products have good toughness and elasticity. They are not easy to be permanently deformed due to external force, and feel smooth. Fake silicone products are easy to deform and feel rough, because there is not a layer of greasy substance on the surface of fake silicone.


In terms of characteristics, silica gel products are non-toxic, tasteless and colorless, with good texture and no harm to human body. However, it is difficult for counterfeit silica gel products to achieve these effects. Counterfeit and shoddy silica gel products are generally toxic, pungent and rough!


At the same time, we can also put the real and fake silica gel through the flame combustion is also very effective, fake silica gel products in the combustion of black smoke, the residue is black powder, real silica gel products no matter what color, combustion of white smoke, the residue is white powder.

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