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Guan Gong:worshipped as "God of wealth" in China

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Note: Guan Gong, or Guan Yu, was born in Jiezhou Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. He was a famous general in the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period.Why is Guan Gong worshipp

Guan Gong, or Guan Yu, was born in Ancient Jiezhou Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. He was a famous general in the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period.

Why is Guan Gong worshipped as "God of wealth"?

god of wealth

The portrait of Guan Gong in gmtlight's Office

Guan Yu committed a crime in his early years and was exiled to Zhuo County, where he met Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Guan Yu participated in the suppression of the Huangjin uprising and followed Liu Bei in exile. Majestic and powerful, known as the "enemy of ten thousand people", nicknamed "meirangong". After the defeat of Xuzhou in the war, he took refuge with Cao Cao for the time being, killed Yan Liang himself, and was granted the title of Marquis of longevity Pavilion of Han Dynasty. Leave Cao Cao and return to Liu Bei. After the battle of Chibi, he took part in the capture of Jingzhou. After Liu Bei entered Sichuan, he was ordered to guard Jingzhou and became a former general. In the 24th year of Jian'an, land and water entered together, besieging Xiangyang and Fancheng. The flooding of the seven armies, the annihilation of the reinforcements and the shock of China made Cao Cao have the idea of moving the capital. In the face of Sun Quan's subordinates Lu Meng and Lu Xun attacking the rear, Cao Cao's Department attacked Xu Huang head-on. He was defeated and killed. 

After the death of Guan Yu, the people respected him as the "Duke of Guan", and the imperial courts in the past dynasties praised him. In the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty(1680), Confucius was regarded as the "sage of martial arts" and the "sage of literature". In the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he ranks first among the "five tiger generals" and uses Qinglong Yanyue Knife. Mao Zonggang called it "Yijue" in "Romance".

Why is Guan Gong worshipped as "God of wealth"?

Guan Gong, also known as "Guansheng emperor", or "Guandi" for short, was originally one of the four Dharma protectors of Taoism. Later, Taoism mainly worshipped him as the God of wealth. In addition to its functions of "curing diseases and disasters, expelling evil spirits, punishing rebellious people and inspecting the Underworld", it also has the functions of "serving as the commander of Life and Health, protecting merchants and recruiting wealth". Because of its loyalty, it is regarded as the God of wealth. There are three main reasons why Guan Gong was regarded as the God of wealth by businessmen: first, he was very good at financial management and was good at accounting business. He once set up the note taking method and issued a clear book tomorrow. This calculation method has four items: original, receipt, issue and deposit. It is very detailed and clear. Later businessmen believe that accounting professionals are regarded as the God of business; second, when businessmen talk about business, they attach the most importance to righteousness and credit Third, it is said that after the death of Guan Gong, the true God often came back to fight and win. The merchants hoped that one day their business would be frustrated, and they would be like Guan Gong to make a comeback and strive for final success. The belief of Guan Gong was accepted by all walks of life in the Qing Dynasty, especially in worship. In modern times, the Brotherhood and the Qinghong gang especially worshipped the emperor Guan. The brothers who had made a vow must worship the emperor Guan and make an oath to keep their faith.

Professionally speaking, Guan Gong is the originator of accounting.

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