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Thousands of years history for Chinese Baijiu story

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Note: The Chinese Baijiu story that has been circulating for thousands of years, So far long history. Baijiu, is Chinese wine.Have you ever had Chinese Baijiu? If you haven't, make sure you get a chanc

The Chinese Baijiu story that has been circulating for thousands of years, So far long history. Baijiu, is Chinese wine.

chinese baijiu story

Have you ever had Chinese Baijiu? If you haven't, make sure you get a chance to drink a little.

Chinese Baijiu has a history of about 3000 years. It is called the six largest distilled liquor in the world, together with Brandy (Brandy), Whisky, Vodka, Rum and gin.

It is said that Yidi invented wine making in the period of Xiayu. The second century BC history book "Lu's spring and Autumn Annals" says: "Yi Di makes wine.". The Warring States policy edited by Liu Xiang in the Han Dynasty further explains: "in the past, the emperors' daughters ordered Yi Di to make wine. When Emperor Yu entered, he drank wine sweetly. Then, there will be a country where wine will be drunk." Therefore, the Emperor Yu was the emperor of Xia Dynasty. There are many records about Yidi's "making wine" and "beginning to make wine mash" in historical records. It seems that Yidi was the ancestor of wine making. There is a saying that "Yidi is used as wine mash and Dukang as Shu wine". There is no time sequence here. It seems that they make different wines. Dukang used sorghum as the raw material for making Shu liquor. It can be said that Yidi is the founder of yellow rice wine, while Dukang is the founder of sorghum wine.

In the long history of thousands of years, Chinese traditional wine has developed in a short period. 4000-2000 BC, from the early Neolithic Yangshao culture to the early Xia Dynasty, is the first paragraph. This passage, which has gone through a long period of 2000 years, is the Enlightenment period of Chinese traditional wine. Brewing water wine with fermented grains was the main form of wine making at that time. This period is the late period of primitive society, the ancestors all regarded wine as a drink with great magic.

It took 1800 years from the Xia Dynasty in 2000 BC to the Qin Dynasty in 200 BC. This period is the growth period of Chinese traditional wine. In this period, due to the fire, the emergence of five grains and six livestock, and the invention of Daqu wine, China became the first country in the world to make wine with Daqu. The output of Li, Jiu and other varieties, the emergence of Yidi, Dukang and other wine making masters have laid a solid foundation for the development of Chinese traditional liquor. During this period, the liquor making industry has been greatly developed and attached importance to. The government set up a special liquor making organization, and the liquor was controlled by the government. Wine became the pleasure of emperors and vassals, "meat & wine" became the portrayal of slave owners' life.

It took 1200 years from the Qin Dynasty in 200 BC to the Northern Song Dynasty in 1000 AD, which was the mature period of Chinese traditional wine. In this paragraph, scientific and technological works such as Qi Min Yao Shu and Jiu FA came out; Yellow rice wine, fruit wine, medicinal wine and wine also developed; Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Du Mu, Su Dongpo and other celebrities of liquor culture have emerged in large numbers. Various factors promote the development of Chinese traditional wine into a brilliant golden age. The prosperity of wine began from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Wei, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties. This is mainly due to the war and strife that lasted for more than two centuries at that time, there were many frustrated people in the ruling class, literati, who advocated empty talk, did not ask about political affairs, drowned their worries with wine and drank too much, which made the liquor industry prosperous. By the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the wine industry was more prosperous. Drinking was not only popular in the upper class, but also popular in ordinary people. The rise of the Han and Tang Dynasties and the European, Asian and African land trade in this paragraph made Chinese and Western Wine Culture permeable each other, which laid a foundation for the invention and development of Chinese baijiu.

The period from the Northern Song Dynasty in 1000 AD to the late Qing Dynasty in 1840 ad, which lasted 840 years, is the improvement period of Chinese traditional wine. Known to the world, the distiller's introduction into the western region has led to the invention of the world-famous Chinese baijiu. Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty said in compendium of materia medica: "liquor making is not an ancient method. It started from Yuan Dynasty." There are also data that suggest that "Shaojiu wine began in the Dading year of emperor Shizong of Jin Dynasty (1161)". Baijiu distilled spirit has been popularized rapidly. Chinese Baijiu has been developing bright and colorful since the past 800 years. Five kinds of wine such as white, yellow, fruit, Portuguese and medicine have been developing vigorously, and Chinese liquor has been enjoying life deeply, and has become a popular drink.

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