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Face Recognition in Beijing Metro Station

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Note: 【gmtlight News】While some countries are hesitant about 5G communication technology, China is embracing advanced techno

gmtlight News】"While some countries are hesitant about 5G communication technology, China is embracing advanced technology all the time. Beijing Metro will enter the era of face recognition in the future. Face recognition will accelerate the speed of traffic and greatly facilitate passenger travel. ”Ms. Li, a technician at gmtlight, said.

Face Recognition

According to the relevant information of Beijing Rail Transit Command Center, Baitong App will be able to achieve code-sweeping bus ride before the end of the year. In addition to city buses, suburban buses also support mobile phone code-sweeping.

In addition, the subway station will also support mobile phone WeChat, Alipay ticket purchase, recharge and supplement tickets, and the relevant equipment is being debugged and rebuilt.

Each station is undergoing intensive debugging. Due to the different equipment of each station, the specific investment time is also different.

Will you be able to brush your face and ride on the subway in the future? According to reports, the Metro Department has begun to test face recognition technology, and is currently in small-scale test inside the airport line.

"We are validating the accuracy of the photo library, and once we can ensure that 100% of the validation is successful, it will be spread across the road network," said the person concerned.

This will mean that the application of face recognition technology in Beijing public transport is not far off.

Xiao Wang, who works in Gmtlight, travels to work by subway every day. He says, "If he brushes his face into the station in the future, he just needs to wear his face. Face is very important."

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