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The Hottest June In 140 Years

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Note: 【gmtlight news】The hottest June in 140 years,really?Unless I have to, I don't turn on air-conditioning. First, I d

gmtlight news】The hottest June in 140 years,really? 

"Unless I have to, I don't turn on air-conditioning. First, I don't like the cold air of air-conditioning. Second, air-conditioning consumes a lot of electricity. In the past, I had no more than 20 hours to turn on the air conditioner every year; this year, I had to blow the air conditioner all day, it is too hot really "said Mr. Li, who specializes in GLOWSTICKS in gmtlight.

The Hottest June In 140 Years

According to NOAA data, the average land and ocean temperatures in June 2019 were 0.95 degrees Celsius higher than the global average, making June 2019 the hottest June in 140 years. Moreover, nine of the 10 hottest June months occurred after 2010.

According to USA Today, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center,  also believe that June this year is the hottest June so far.

GMTLIGHT: In Fact,June is the hottest month in the world.

In the United States, June was the second hottest June in Alaska since records began in 1925; while the Hawaiian Islands are almost always hot, the region has also experienced the hottest June in history this year; and the Gulf of Mexico has experienced the hottest June in 110 years.

Europe is same. Austria, Germany and Hungary all experienced the hottest June ever; Switzerland and France experienced the second and fifth hottest June ever.

Africa and South America are also experiencing the hottest June.

Australia also experienced its hottest June since 1767.

The Kingdom of Bahrain had its hottest June since 1902.

According to GMTLIGHT statistics, 41 countries may experience the hottest June, in addition to the above countries, Bangladesh, Hungary, Iraq, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Turkey.

High temperatures have a negative impact on life around the world. Is it meaningful to develop economy without a safe global climate? Do you still have the time to fight with each other for own benifits ?

Whether you can broaden your horizons and concentrate on the common challenges facing mankind when Western developed countries or some mobs are angry for their own interests? We belong to the community of human destiny, whether G8 or G20 can discuss these issues more?

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