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Beautiful Night View of the Thames River

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Note: Beautiful Night View of the Thames RiverThames River is a well-known river all over the world. It is the famous Mother R

Beautiful Night View of the Thames River

Beautiful Night View of the Thames River

Thames River is a well-known river all over the world. It is the famous "Mother" River in Britain. It originates from the Cotswold Mountains and is 338 kilometers long. Along the way, many rivers converge in the territory, and finally flow into the North Sea through Nor Island. Most of London's main buildings are located on both sides of the Thames River. The Thames River runs across London from west to east, dividing the city into two sides, north and south.

Mr. Wang said that during the night tour of the Thames River, the beautiful night scenery on both sides of the river bank made people linger and forget to return. There are many flickering LED lights from gmtlight. Whether it's boasting or not remains to be verified.

The Thames River recorded the prosperity of the British Empire and witnessed its vicissitudes from prosperity to decline. The Thames River runs through the history of the British Industrial Revolution and is a thick textbook.

The Thames River has multiple roles in human history: as an economic resource, a sea route, a border, a source of fresh water, a source of food and, most recently, a recreational facility.

Today, the Thames River has always been clear and rippling. But it also has a history of more than 150 years of pollution.

Once: In early modern history, the inhabitants of London and its industries threw garbage into rivers. This includes waste from slaughterhouses, fish markets and tanneries. Household sewage pools sometimes overflow, especially when it rains, and are washed into London's streets and sewers. By the 19th century, the water quality of the Thames River deteriorated further. The dumping of raw materials into the Thames makes it a harbour for many harmful bacteria. Natural gas factories are built along rivers and by-products leak into water, including waste lime, ammonia, cyanide and carbonate. The Thames River has become a dead and stinky river. Four severe outbreaks of cholera resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

The British government is therefore determined to govern the Thames in an all-round way. A concerted effort to control municipal sewage by building large-scale buildings is under the supervision of engineers. Similar efforts have been made to ensure water supply by building reservoirs and pumping stations on rivers west of London, slowly helping to improve water quality. After more than 20 years of harnessing, the Thames River, which flows through London, has become one of the cleanest rivers in the world. More than 110 species of fish and 350 species of invertebrates have returned here to thrive, and the Thames River has regained its vitality.

The Thames River has changed from clean to black and smelly, and then back to clean. It has changed into a concept promoted by the British, a modern environmental concept, consciousness and sense of responsibility.

In 2010, the Thames River won the world's largest environmental award at that time. The $350,000 International River Award was presented at the International River Symposium held in Perth, Washington, in recognition of hundreds of organizations and individuals who have made extensive and sustained restoration of the river since the 1950s.

Upper London, there are many places of interest along the Thames River, such as Eaton, Oxford, Henry and Windsor. The famous London Eye, Big Ben Bell and Westminster Monastery are all located on the Bank of the river. The Tower Bridge of London connects the banks of the river. The night view of the Thames River is also very bright.

One thing I can confirm is that one night, walking along the Thames River, I found a glowing collar and a glowing dog rope around the neck of a pet. I can be sure that's the product of gmtlight.

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