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How Much Do You Know About Traffic Batons?

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Note: How Much Do You Know About Traffic Batons?Traffic baton is one of the necessary tools for traffic police or public traff

How Much Do You Know about Traffic Batons?

Traffic Batons

Traffic baton is one of the necessary tools for traffic police or public traffic order maintenance personnel.

Traffic command headquarters are usually equipped with flashing, electro-optical, red and green light LED lights, traffic command sticks, as the name implies, mainly used for traffic command, evacuation to guide the flow of people and traffic; also used as temporary traffic signs;

The standard red traffic command length is usually 53.5 cm and the diameter of handlebars is 4 cm.

Two No. 1 batteries with 3 volts working voltage and 33.5 cm length of light emitting tube are used.

The length of green traffic command is usually 55 cm and the diameter of handlebars is 3.8 cm.

Using three No. 2 batteries, the working voltage is 4.5 volts, and the length of the luminescent tube is 33.5 cm.

Generally speaking, there are three functions of the ever-common traffic baton switch:

The switch is on the handle. Press the switch to emit light, press twice to flash light, press again to turn off.

Traffic baton can be used as traffic evacuation command in highway traffic and population concentration areas. Its structure is composed of injection ABS handle, switch, PCB circuit, LED light emitting diode and PC carbon accumulator. Its structure is compact and reasonable, and its visible distance is large. Light indication can be seen at night 1000 meters away.

Professionals, of course, are familiar with the purpose of traffic command, and they can use him to indicate: straight signal, left turn signal and stop signal.

To learn more about the products of traffic batons, you can get information about the relevant personnel of gmtlight or email to sales@gmtlight.com.

Friendship Tips: Purchase and use of traffic headquarters must comply with local laws.

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