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GMTLIGHT succeeded in the production of different 3D printing powder materials

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Note: 【gmtlight】Our workshop of 3D printing in Chengde, have succeeded in the production of different 3D printing powder mat

gmtlight】Our workshop of 3D printing in Chengde,  have succeeded in the production of different 3D printing powder materials, that means we can make models with different materials which is made by ourself. this can help us reduce cost a lot than which we buy from materials suppliers.

Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, 3D printing does not need to manufacture die beforehand, remove a large number of materials in the manufacturing process, or get the final product through complex forging process. Therefore, it can achieve structural optimization, material saving and energy saving in production.

Metal 3D printing is a technology of digital thermal processing. At present, there are three main 3D printing technologies for metal preparation: selective laser melting/sintering (SLM/SLS), electron beam selective melting (EBSM), near net laser forming (LENS), etc.

ABS can be said to be the most commonly used printing material in FDM. At present, there are a variety of colors to choose. ABS is the most popular printing material for consumers of consumer-grade 3D printers, such as printing "Lego" type of many toys, making many creative home accessories and so on.

Graphene, as a two-dimensional honeycomb-like material formed by SP2 hybridization of carbon atoms, is considered to be a "magical material". Graphene itself has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good conductivity.

The hardness, elongation at break, tear strength and tensile strength of rubber materials make them very suitable for applications requiring non-skid or soft surfaces. Three-dimensional printing rubber products mainly include consumer electronic products, medical equipment, automobile interior, tires, gaskets and so on.

3D printing integrates many frontier technologies, such as digital modeling technology, electromechanical control technology, information technology, material science and chemistry. It is one of the rapid prototyping technologies and is known as the core technology of the "third industrial revolution".

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