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Cheering Items For 2022 World Cup

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For 2022 World Cup

Cheering Items For 2022 World Cup

Sports City Stadium

Sports City Stadium is located on the east coast of Doha, along the Persian Gulf. The stadium's main facilities are retractable, including roofs, seats and lawns.

According to the designer's assumption, the sports city will be a multi-functional stadium, reflecting the important Arab cultural elements at the same time. The main inspiration for the structure of the stadium comes from the Bedouin tent, which is the traditional residence of the Arabs. This kind of tent is relatively simple in design and can adapt to the surrounding environment.

The stadium will be equipped with 47,560 seats, which can be adjusted downward to meet the needs of concerts, exhibitions and other non-sports activities.

Lesser Landmark Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Lesser Landmark Stadium can accommodate 86250 spectators. The opening and final of the 2022 World Cup will be held in this stadium. Located in the city of Luxel, the Landmark Stadium of Lesser is inspired by the sails of traditional Arabian dhows surrounded by water. After the World Cup, the stadium will be used for other large-scale sports events and cultural activities.

Doha Port Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Doha Port Stadium will be a 100% modular stadium with a capacity of 44,950 people.

The stadium, which will be built on an artificial peninsula in the Persian Gulf, is designed to evoke a vast ocean. When completed, the Persian Gulf water will flow over the stadium's exterior facade to assist in cooling and give a sense of beauty to the exterior. Fans can take a taxi or ferry to the stadium. After the World Cup, the Doha Port Stadium will be completely decomposed and seats will be transported to developing countries to help them further develop football.

Educational City Stadium For 2022 World Cup

The stadium in Educational City looks like a jagged diamond, day or night.

All shine and shine. The stadium, which can accommodate 45,350 people, will be built in the middle of several university campuses in the Educational City, making it easier for Qatar and its neighbouring Bahrain fans to see the ball. It only takes 51 minutes for Bahrain fans to travel to the stadium by high-speed rail. After the World Cup, 25,000 seats will be reserved for university sports teams at Educational City Stadium.

Um Salar Stadium For 2022 World Cup

The Um Salar Stadium, located near one of Qatar's most important ports, will have 4,520 seats installed. In design, the stadium combines modern elements with traditional Arab ports such as Um Salar Mohammed nearby. After the World Cup, the number of seats in Um Salar Stadium will be reduced to 25 500 for Um Salar Football Club.

Kadal University Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Kadal University Stadium will replace the university's current track and field stadium with 43,520 seats. The golden facade of the stadium combines traditional Arabic geometric patterns with the rough surface of free form, symbolizing a retrospect of the past and a vision of the future. After the World Cup, the number of seats at Kadal University Stadium will be reduced to 23500 for University athletes.

Al-Galafa Stadium For 2022 World Cup

The number of seats at Al-Galafa Stadium will increase from 21,175 to 44,740. The front of the stadium will be made up of ribbons, symbolizing countries eligible to host the 2022 World Cup, as well as football, mutual friendship, tolerance and endurance, and respect for the World Cup. After the World Cup, the number of seats in the Al Galafa Stadium will be reduced to the current number, that is, 21175.

Al-Kohal Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Al-Kohal is a brand new stadium with a capacity of 45,330 people. Outside it

Like a seashell, the roof can be bent and deformed. The number of permanent low-row seats is 25500, and the number of modular high-row seats is 19830. The stadium will be built in a sports-entertainment area where fans can enjoy the natural scenery of the beautiful Arabian Gulf, commonly known as the Persian Gulf. [9]

Al-Laya Stadium For 2022 World Cup

The current number of seats at Al-Laya Stadium is 2,1282, using modular knots.

With the addition of upper seats, the number of seats will increase to 44740. The stadium uses a special "media film" that acts as a display screen showing news, latest news and the progress of the game. After the World Cup, the number of seats in Al-Laya Stadium will be reduced to 21,282.

Al-Wakela Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Al-Wakela Stadium is one of Qatar's oldest cities, with commercial fishing.

And diving pearl mining industry has a long history. The stadium can accommodate 4,520 people and is a major marine element. The ocean has played a very important role in the development history of this city. After the World Cup, the number of seats at the Al-Vakla Stadium will be reduced to 25,500.

Al-Shamal Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Al-Shamar Stadium can accommodate 45120 people, 25500 permanent low-row seats and 19620 modular high-row seats. The shape of the stadium was inspired by the domast triangular fishing boat in the Persian Gulf. Visitors can take the Doha Expressway or the Bahrain-Qatar Friendship Bridge to the Al-Shamal Stadium by car, or take the water taxi and the newly built subway.

Khalifa International Stadium For 2022 World Cup

Harifa International Stadium has made its own contribution to Qatar's successful hosting of the 2006 Asian Games.

Contribution. In order to host the 2022 World Cup, the stadium has been redesigned and its capacity has expanded from 50,000 to 68,030 people. It uses a huge arc structure, partially covered by the grandstand, which is the focus of the Asbayer Sports Center. Aspar Sports Elite College, Asperta

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