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workshop for solar courtyard floodlight

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54leds solar courtyard floodlight

4000mAh 54leds solar courtyard floodlight

using high-capacity batteries and high-power solar panels to create solar projection lights, solar courtyard lights, 54 led configuration and excellent waterproof performance, can also be used for street lights outdoor lawn lights. One time installation, no electricity charge, environmental protection and energy saving, no maintenance, no wiring.

Solar panel: 6V 3W laminate

Battery: 18650 lithium battery, standard capacity of 3.7V 4000mAh

Light source: 54 Chip LEDs (2835)

Switch mode: optical control or manual control, two functions

Lighting time: 9-10 hours

Charging time: 6-8 hours

Lamp body material: die cast aluminum shell

Wire: 5 meters in length, 0.2 square meters of all copper cores, with cold resistant protective cover

Protection grade: IP65

Single set weight: 0.92kg

Product packaging: one set of color box, 195 * 162 * 95mm

Outer packing: 20 in a box, 51.5 * 41 * 35.5cm

Product use: outdoor road lighting, residential area power, courtyard light, lawn light and area lighting without AC power

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