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Solar swing shaking head owl

Date: 2021-03-15     Hits: 7    Comment: 0    View original
shaking head owl with solar powered

Solar powered owl ornaments

Product information:

Name: solar ornaments

Brand: panliang Toys Co., Ltd

Color weight: 3 colors (optional)

Specification: 11cm high, 7cm wide, 5cm base

Packing number: 240 / case

Net weight: 38g (with package)

Outer box size: 66 * 39 * 60

Gross weight: 12.55 kg

Paper card. Packing. Can order according to customer's request (starting quantity 2000 pieces)

Logo can be printed on the bottom of the product (starting number is 1000)

Power supply: absorb sunlight and swing automatically (without battery)

You have quantity. I have price. Tel: 13732421926

Product features: relax for a moment.

Using the principle of optics, as long as in the sunlight or sunlight, the light energy will be converted into kinetic energy, and will shake itself. It can also adjust the fatigue of eye vision, which is very suitable for office supplies, home decoration and car decoration.

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