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Approaching Mongolian Yurts~gmtlight

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Gmtlight with Mongolians

Today, the Mongolian people are a member of the Chinese nation, and we live in harmony.

There are many legendary stories about the Mongolian people in history. Gmtlight employees approached the Mongolian house and sang and danced with the mongolians.

Mongolians are nomadic people from the Central Asian steppes. They are ferocious fighters who defeat every enemy in the pasture and invade the developed civilizations in the East and South. Since the 13th century, Mongolian tribes have been united, that is to say, they launched a war against the outside world, and the Mongolians have opened up an unprecedented great empire.

Mongolians live in the southern plain of Lake Baikal in Mongolia today. At its peak, their empire began in South Korea and crossed the Asian border, invading Russia's land in Europe as far as the Baltic Sea. They occupy most of Asia Minor, today's Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, part of India and Myanmar, part of China and part of Vietnam.

In the early thirteenth century, Mongolian tribes were unified by Tiemuzhen. Tiemuzhen, also known as Genghis Khan, dreamed of dominating all the land in the oceans (Pacific and Atlantic).

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