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Solar stretch tent lamp provided by GMTLIGHT

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solar stretch tent lamp provided by GMTLIGHT

What we recommend here is the solar stretch tent lamp provided by GMTLIGHT.

This tent lamp is made of engineering plastics with a shell and a handle made of stainless steel.

The open mode of stretching on and closing off the lights conforms to the outdoor use habit and is easy to carry.

Moderate product size: 6 cm handle size after non-stretching (8.6X13cm) stretching (8.6X18.6cm)

We built six LEDs into this solar stretch tent lamp.

Rechargeable Battery with 4800 mA Built-in the solar stretch tent lamp

Various ways of charging, including solar power supply, AC direct charging power supply

Product Weight: Net Weight 300g with Packaging Box 349g

Notes: Make sure that the recovery is in place. When the recovery is done, see if the light is turned off, so as not to recover in place. The light is still on and the power is lost.

You might ask: what about the prices? I will tell you about 2 usd only!!!!!!!!

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