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LED light ICE Barrel

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glow ice barrel

Luminescent ice buckets are used to cool wines that need to be tasted in a cool state. When the temperature of the wine is above the optimum drinking temperature, the ice bucket can reduce the temperature of the wine to the optimum in a few minutes. Its use method is to put ice and cold water into the ice bucket to the shoulder of the bottle. The light-emitting ice bucket can quickly reduce the temperature of wine to the best temperature for drinking. The style of the ice bucket varies greatly, which can better reflect the culture of the wine enterprise and make the wine more noble and elegant.

Luminous ice bucket is a kind of display and promotional equipment in the advertising industry. It is suitable for sales promotion activities in stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, squares, etc. It is also suitable for promotion of festival themes and new products on the market to create a relaxed shopping atmosphere. Ice bucket is flexible, with ice in the bucket, cold beer and beverage in summer, which is conducive to brand outdoor advertising and promotion of cold drink culture, thus promoting sales.

Luminescent ice bucket is a traditional ice bucket based on the installation of luminescent facilities, can be remote controlled, can be charged for a long time after work. It is an ideal product to set off the atmosphere for Christmas or other festivals.


发光冰桶是一种广告行业的展示促销器材,适合于卖场,超市,便利店,广场等的促销活动, 适用节日主题及新品上市的促销 ,创造休闲轻松的购物气氛。 冰桶机动灵活,桶内放冰,夏天冷冻啤酒,饮料,有利于品牌的户外广告展示及冷饮文化宣传推广,从而促进销售。


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