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BoBo Light Up Ball

Date: 2019-07-11     Hits: 249    Comment: 0    View original
BoBo LIght up Ball from gmtlight

If you have some fittings to creation something, will be helpful to create some happiness. This is really very small invest and get much more. It's not so much a flashing BoBoBo ball as a self-service glow ball.

We only provide a package containing:

1. AA battery box; 2. Lamp string with 25 LED lights; 3. A plastic rod;

Users can play according to these elements themselves, and BoBoBo Luminescent Ball is one of the innovations. Of course, you can wrap the lamp string around other objects.

Requirements: Adults and children work together to innovate. In festivals, this is a cooperative project between adults and children.

BoBo Light Ball, is really fantastic!

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