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LED Light Emitting Beat Arm Belt

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led light arm belt

LED Light Emitting Beat Arm Belt

led light arm belt

The design of LED light-emitting clapping arm band originates from the humanized concept: fashion, convenience, consideration, liveliness, beauty and equality.

High density nylon, ribbon and super bright PU light guide fiber are used for LED light emitting arm band material.

led light arm belt

LED light-emitting arm strap passes tensile test, strength test of plastic and metal fasteners, anti-oxidation and corrosion test.

Usage of LED light-emitting arm belt: light-emitting arm belt adjusts long light, flash, slow flash and close by pressing switch

led light arm belt

LED light-emitting arm band light-emitting colors include: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink,

Size of luminous arm band: 35 cm long and 4 cm wide, single weight: 0.035 KG

Light-emitting arm belt with LED light, through the PU super-bright light-conducting optical fiber strip, to achieve the whole optical fiber light-emitting, in order to achieve the role of light warning safety. This product is of export quality and has passed CE, ROHS and EN471 environmental protection certification.

Simple rain water-proof, removable batteries when cleaning, after cleaning and drying, it can be loaded back into the battery. It is suitable for dark environment or night activities, and also for day outdoor sports.

led light arm belt

The luminous arm belt itself has an original button battery (originally CR2032). The measured data show that the luminous time lasts for 50 hours, and the luminous brightness is stronger in the first 10 hours. The battery can be replaced by itself.

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