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LED curtain lights

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led curtain lights

LED curtain lights

led curtain lights

LED curtain lamps can be of various specifications such as 3*1 m, 2*2 m, 3*2 m, 3*3 m, 6*3 M.

LED curtain lamps can be of various colors: white, warm white, yellow, blue, red and green

LED curtain lamp installation standard LED beads, wire all copper wire anti-freezing wire

led curtain lights

LED curtain lamp can be customized according to the power supply of various countries: 110 ~ 240V power supply; 220V European regulation, 110V American regulation, 220V British regulation and 220V Australian regulation.

LED curtain lamp with flicker controller can display up to eight flicker modes: 1, constant brightness, 2, wavy change, 3, continuous change, 4, flicker change, 5, slow flicker change, 6, light-out change, 7, dreamlike change, 8, flash change.

Main Characteristics of LED Curtain Lamp

1. Energy saving 

2. Long life 

3. Pure luminescence

4. High brightness, 

5. Moving is not easy to destroy, reusable 

6. Cold light source, not easy to heat...

led curtain lights

Quality Commitment: All the products are packed in color boxes and can be presented as gifts. The LED curtain lamp adopts transparent electric wire, which has good conductivity and will not be interrupted or illuminated after being connected.

LED curtain lamp can be suspended indoors and outdoors all year round, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and other characteristics! The validity period is 12 months,suggest to change after 12months.

led curtain lights

Scope of application for LED curtain light: Wedding background layout, hotels, hotels, bars, parties, commercial buildings, homes, windows, clubs, concerts, singing halls, fashion shows, stages, dance halls, shopping malls, festival celebrations and other places, as long as you think, it will bring you noble luxury, warm and romantic feelings, warmth. A feeling of harmony, pleasure and harmony.

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