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Luminescence Glow In Dark Ashtray

Date: 2019-10-09     Hits: 210    Comment: 0    View original
Luminescence Glow In Dark Ashtray

Smoking is a behavior that many people hate, so smoking is forbidden in public places. The same goes for smoking-related items. A silica ashtray may make you no longer hate it, plus its glowing function in the darkness, wipe it clean after use, and it will become an ornament.

Luminescence Glow In Dark Ashtray

Ashtray is a tool for holding ash and cigarette butts. It was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of cigarettes, ash, cigarette butts thrown everywhere is harmful to health, ashtray will also be produced. Initially, some people called the ashtray as a cigarette dish, with pottery, porcelain as the most common, but also with glass, plastic, jade or metal materials. Its shape and size are not fixed, but there are obvious marks, that is, there are several cigarette grooves on the ashtray, designed for the placement of cigarettes. Luminescent silica ashtray not only has practical function, but also is a kind of artwork with certain artistic appreciation value.

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