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​Silicone convenient mobile phone holder or bracket for promotion

Date: 2019-10-17     Hits: 197    Comment: 0    View original
Silicone convenient mobile phone holder

Silicone convenient mobile phone holder, USD0.20 per piece only!

You Can put it freely.

Silicone material mobile phone convenient bracket, used at home, outdoors or in the car,

The mobile phone convenient bracket is made of environmentally-friendly silicone material. It has the advantages of multi-function, strong suction and portable belt. It does not need patch, does not hurt the mobile phone, metal hose connection, can be rotated 360 degrees, compact and light, convenient and practical anytime, anywhere.

Mobile phone convenient bracket can be customized LOGO, can specify the color, divided into household models and car models

Color: Gold Silver Black Blue Red or other Pantone colors

Each weight: 115g / piece

Batch packing: 200 pieces / piece

Mobile Phone Bracket

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