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Led fishing net lights decorate the 400 year old Tao Ran Pavilion

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Led fishing net lights decorate the 400 year old Tao Ran Pavilion

Tao Ran Pavilion is a famous Pavilion in Qing Dynasty, now it is one of the four famous historical pavilions in China.

Led fishing net lights decorate the Taoran pavilion which is with 400 year history, which makes the night of Taoran Pavilion dazzling. The integration of modern and ancient buildings makes people recall the long history. In the selection of lighting, gmtlight pays more attention to the coordination of all kinds of lighting, so that led meteor lights and historical culture become more harmonious. If you visit Taoran Pavilion, you can enjoy the historical buildings of Taoran Pavilion in the daytime and the beautiful scenery in the evening with colorful LED lights.

Tao Ran pavilion was built in 1695, the 34th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. It is very popular with the literati. The literati from all over the world regard it as a must visit place. During the more than 200 years of the Qing Dynasty, this pavilion has been famous for a long time and has become the first winner in the capital. The pavilion is three rooms wide and one and a half rooms deep, covering an area of 90 square meters. There are Soviet style paintings on the pavilion, and landscape flowers and birds are decorated on the beam building inside the house. There are three plaques painted on the two girders, namely, colorful chrysanthemum, Eight Immortals crossing the sea, Taibai drunk, and Liu Hai playing with Golden Toad. One is written by Jiangzao, the man who built the pavilion, the other is written by Qi Baishi, the other is the Chinese character on the gate of "Tao Ran Pavilion Park" inscribed by Guo Moruo, hanging from the gate post in the East.

There are four stone carvings on the north and south walls of the pavilion, one is the quotation and postscript of Tao Ran Yin written by Jiang Zao, the other is the preface of Tao Ran Pavilion written by Jiang Gao, the third is the parallel preface of Tan Sitong's nostalgia in the south of the city, the fourth is the small collection of Tao Ran Pavilion, which is written by Wang Chang. 

“Tao Ran Pavilion decorated with LED fishing net lights is more attractive.” gmtlight,Mr Niu.

Tao Ran Pavilion and mercy nunnery are facing the lake, facing the central island in the East, facing Cuiting in the north, facing Yaotai across the lake in the north, and facing the exquisite cloud painting building and Qingyin Pavilion in the West. The boat on the lake is rippling, the lotus flowers are blossoming, and the breeze is blowing on the surface, making people look happy.

There are many famous historical sites around Tao Ran Pavilion. There is Longshu temple in the northwest. There are jianjiazhen, Tianni Pavilion, guanshanlou, baobingtang and other buildings in the temple. Celebrities often have a rest here. Its popularity is comparable to that of Taoran pavilion after the qingdaoguang. There are Heilongtan, longwangting, Nezha temple, Cimei garden and Zuyuan in the southeast, Fengshi garden in the southwest, Yaotai in the north, Xiangzhong and parrot tomb in the northeast, Zuiguo tomb and saijinhua tomb in modern times. Most of these historical wonders were produced before Tao Ran Pavilion, and some even before mercy nunnery. They all have the history of literati and poets' singing, and they have been in the brilliant period of various leaders.

gmtlight,Mr Niu。

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