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luminous cocktail cup Light cocktail glass

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cocktail glass light

Cocktails are romantic or exciting code names in many people's hearts. Cocktails are a colorful world. Let's go back to the cocktail culture.

In 1777, Betsy Flanagan invented the American style "cocktail". Cocktails originated in 1776 in Elmsford, New York. They were decorated with feathers. One day when the tavern was almost sold out, some officers came in to buy drinks. Betsy Flanagan, a waitress, poured all the leftover wine into a large container, and plucked a hair from a big cock to mix the wine and serve. The officers looked at the quality of the wine. They could not taste it. They asked Betsy, and she said, "this is a cocktail!" An officer listened to the word, cheered up a toast and shouted, "long live the cocktail!" From then on, it was called "cocktail". This is the recognized origin in America.

Gmtlight specially creates a luminous cocktail cup for cocktails. It uses food grade reinforced PS plastic to make them happier, more romantic at night and more eye-catching. Make cocktails more eye-catching.

The logo can be printed for the purpose of advertisement or promotion. In the bar, there's no shiny cocktail glass, and there seems to be something missing.


1777年,Betsy Flanagan发明了美国式的“鸡尾酒”。鸡尾酒起源于1776年纽约州埃尔姆斯福一家用鸡尾羽毛作装饰的酒馆。一天当这家酒馆各种酒都快卖完的时候,一些军官走进来要买酒喝。一位叫贝特西·弗拉纳根的女侍者,便把所有剩酒统统倒在一个大容器里,并随手从一只大公鸡身上拨了一根毛把酒搅匀端出来奉客。军官们看看这酒的成色,品不出是什么酒的味道,就问贝特西,贝特西随口就答:“ 这是鸡尾酒哇!”一位军官听了这个 词,高兴地举杯祝酒,还喊了一声:“ 鸡尾酒万岁!”从此便有了“鸡尾酒”之名。这是在美洲被认可的起源。



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