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Glow Stick Or fluorescent rods Made By Gmtlight

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fluorescent rods

Gmtlight has been engaged in fluorescent rods for nearly 30 years. It can be said that gmtlight originated from fluorescent rods.

Fluorescent rods are non-toxic, harmless and widely used luminescent products (but dimethyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate in them have low toxicity). It can be used in various types of concerts, banquets, Festival parties, etc. It can also be used as a special light source for toys, decoration, military lighting, sea life saving, night sign signals and fishing. Be sure to look after the instructions and use the fluorescent rod correctly.


Concert and KTV users wave in their hands to enhance the atmosphere. Fluorescent rods can also be made into various toys, such as glasses, bracelets, earrings, luminous balls, rings, swords, pendants, etc., to create a romantic atmosphere. For example: bar, wedding, festival day, Easter, Christmas and Carnival abroad.

Night fishing

It can be made into a multi drift for fishing at night or at sea at night.

Wedding celebration

When getting married, the bridegroom and bridegroom each hold a bottle of fluorescent liquid and inject it into a specific container, which will produce beautiful light, thus indicating that the newly married couple will create a bright future and create a romantic atmosphere at the same time.


Sentry sticks and 25x350mm sticks can be used in camping, mountaineering, exploration and other fields, with the functions of lighting, warning, interconnection, rescue, etc. There are three recognition functions: sound, color and light.


Earthquake and other disasters can be used as emergency lighting or easy to be found by rescue personnel.


Mini light sticks are also used in the military field. Professional infrared light sticks can only be seen through night vision mirror.

The liquid in the fluorescent rod is inedible and has certain adhesiveness. In case of leakage: it is easy to pollute furniture, floor, clothes, skin, etc. in case of any of the above conditions, it shall be cleaned in time; if the liquid in the fluorescent rod enters into the eyes, it shall be cleaned with clear water or sent to a doctor in time.

Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to break the plastic tube of the fluorescent rod with a knife or scissors; it is strictly prohibited to twist the fluorescent rod to prevent the liquid in the fluorescent rod from leaking.

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