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Feather & Painting Mask for masquerade

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Feather & Painting Mask for masquerade

Mask for masquerade,with feather and painting

mask for masquerade

The purpose of the mask is to cover up. The mask used in the masquerade is used to cover all or part of the face, and the user uses his eyes to express his feelings to the other party. Masks for masquerade are usually used as family dances, company dances, carnivals or similar festivals, as well as camouflage for drama. The mask used in the masquerade will protect the occlusion. This is also a mask culture.

The mask is a symbol of people's inner world. It is an important cultural phenomenon that spans the whole world and looks at the past and the present. It is valued by the academic community with rich cultural connotations and special external forms.

The mask is the earliest appearance of the art of painting in ancient times. Many tribal and tribal masks often combine engraving and painting to create quite exciting works, often grotesque, an important achievement in plastic arts.

The emergence of mask culture is a sign of social progress. China is one of the earliest countries with the earliest and most popular time. It can still see its prototype and shadow until today, and continue to play a role in the psychological, folk, cultural and artistic aspects of our people.

The masks used in the masquerade show that people have moved from superficial thinking to abstract thinking.

Human masks have been around for thousands of years. The earliest masks may have been produced in hunting activities. In order to facilitate access to prey, hunters use masks to dress themselves up as animals. In folk activities around the world, people often use masks to put themselves in themselves. Dressed as a ghost and a variety of strange animals, to express the worship of natural forces or conquer the natural forces in the imagination, in some folk performances, the mask is still the main means of makeup.

Masks are derived from nature and applied to nature. Many free movements come from masks used in masquerade.

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