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LED Fiber Flashing Bracelet (No.B-006)

Date: 2019-11-27     Hits: 323    Comment: 0    View original
LED Fiber Flashing Bracelet (No.B-006)

LED Fiber Flashing Bracelet, because fiber optics in each bracelet which could be light-up when people turn on the bracelet.

The tube of bracelet is PU material, it is soft for people's skin.

Different colors of the tube could be provided by our accessories supplier, The spiral structure makes it suitable for all wrists. The bracelet can be worn easily no matter the wrists are thick or thin.

Customized LOGO can be printed on the tube of bracelet, that makes it become a good thing for party or business promotion.

Not only for wrist, these bracelets are also suitable for many occasions, such as a decoration ring on the bottle neck.

As long as you have enough unique ideas, the bracelet will have more occasions to use.

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