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Remote Control Flashing Stick (No.FSP-05R)

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Remote Control Flashing Stick (No.FSP-05R)

Remote Control Flashing Stick (No.FSP-05R)

By using the high light LED inside, this flashing stick provides a uniform luminous effect. There are 15 colors of lights that can be displayed by remote control: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Yellow, Light Red and Cyan Green.

The product is of moderate size and weight, and has many functions. 

By the DMX remote controller, numbers of LED flashing sticks could changing colors and functions together.

The LOGO required by the customer can also be printed on these remote light sticks. LED light sticks are widely used in various large-scale promotions, parties, birthday parties, company celebrations, opening, wedding car dressing, wedding banquets, concerts, KTV, bars and other night entertainment activities.

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