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Energy saving plug eye protection sleep wall lamp

Item: ML-074
Size: 50*61*104 mm
Material: ABS + PC
Unit Price: 5.80USD/PC
Min.Order: 100 PC
Supply: 100000 PC
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-25 22:52
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energy saving plug eye protection sleep wall lamp


Comments of gmtlight on the sleep wall lamp with USB port:

Convenience of life is the eternal pursuit of human beings. It can not only use USB power, but also adjust the light intensity according to the needs of lighting. Simple remote control control control is humanized design.

1. The medallion button: can remember the last time to turn off the lights when the brightness

2. The lamp switch button: front, back, full bright, 3 models

3. The dimmer button: 10 dimming: lightening/darkening

4. Remote control: it has 10 minute or 30 minute timing off function key; it can adjust the light brightness key; the remote control distance is 6 meters

5. Product features: soft and unobtrusive lighting, energy-saving and safe, easy to use;

6. Main scope of application: home furnishing place, entertainment place, corridor, corridor, exhibition hall, hotel room;

7.No strobe to protect the eyes better.

Product Name: Oval night light with USB

Country of use: plug can be OEM according to Europe or USA etc.

Product material: ABS + PC

Lamp light source: LED

Product style: USB

Switch: remote or manual

Input voltage: 110 ~ 220V-50HZ

Product size: 50 × 61 × 104 mm

Usbi output: 5V, 2A

Rated power: 1W (12x0.2/led module)