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portable solar power generation system

Brand: gmtlight
battery: 4AH
solar panel: 18V / 5W solar panel
USB: yes
Unit Price: 29.00USD/set
Min.Order: 100 set
Supply: 1000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-04-10 10:22
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Household necessities, escape from emergency use, portable solar power generation system

The future is unpredictable! Without electricity and gas stations, we can only reach out to nature. Solar energy is one of the self-help energy sources. Have you ever thought that it is necessary to prepare a simple solar power system in your escape bag.

Brief introduction of portable solar power system

This product is a set of lighting, digital products charging in one of the power generation system. The intelligent electric board is used for the main control to realize the intelligent management of battery charging and discharging; the overcharge and overcharge protection functions effectively extend the service life of the battery, and the external LED bulb power supply and 5V digital products are connected. Design, simple, fashionable, light, practical, easy to carry. Solar power supply, no power consumption, the product can be charged to the built-in battery when placed in the sun, and the design and use of socket port connection are simple. It is the first choice for your outdoor outing, long-distance travel and field exploration.

[advantages of portable solar power system products】

The price of the product is affordable! The product includes built-in lead-acid battery, which is easy to use. When the product is connected, the solar panel can charge the battery in the sun. Zero carbon environmental protection, 5V USB2.0 output, 12V DC port output, so that the digital products you carry along with the sound will never be powered off, and will not be in trouble of power failure and power shortage.

[product introduction of portable solar power generation system]

1. Solar panel: 18V / 5W solar panel with 5m line

2. Battery: 4ah lead acid battery

3. Lamp: 2 led3w lamps

4. Charging time: 8-10hrs

5. Discharge time: 1 lamp - 15hrs

2 lights - 8hrs

6. Accessories: one quarter USB charging cable, two 5m light cap wires

7, 4 DC 12V outlets, 1 5v2ausb charging port

8. Packaging: color box packaging

9. Warranty: one year

10. Application: DC fan, electronic digital products, etc

[operating principle of portable solar power generation system]

Under the light, the solar panel generates current and voltage through photoelectric conversion. The controller stores the electric energy to the battery. Battery output DC5V for mobile phone and other digital products, DC12V for LED lighting, DC fan, DC TV, etc

[application scope of portable solar power generation system]

It can be widely used in field tourism, field exploration, field hunting, long-distance travel, marine ships, night market vendors, home lighting, dormitory emergency lighting, office emergency lighting, etc.




本产品是一个集照明、数码产品充电于一体的发电系统。采用智能电板主控,实现了蓄电池充电、放电的智能化管理;过充、过放保护功能 ,有效的延长了蓄电池的使用寿命,外接LED灯泡供电和5V数码产品。设计,简约、时尚、轻便、实用,方便携带。太阳能供电,不消耗电能 ,产品置于阳光下即可实现对内置电池充电、采用插座端口连接设计使用简单。是您户外郊游,长途旅行,野外探险的首选备用电源。


本产品价格实惠!产品含内置铅酸蓄电池, 使用方便,接上产品,太阳能板在阳光下即可对电池充电。零碳环保,5V USB2.0输出,12V DC端口输出.使您随声携带的手机等数码产品永不断电,免受停电缺电无法照明的困境。


1,太阳能板: 18V/5W太阳能板带5米线

2,蓄电池: 4AH铅酸蓄电池

3,灯炮: 2个LED3W灯

4,充电时间: 8-10Hrs

5,放电时间: 1个灯--15Hrs 2个灯--8Hrs           

6,配件: 一分四USB充电线, 2条5米灯头线




10, 应用:直流风扇,电子数码产品等