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Various specifications of artificial crystal ball that can be laser engraved

Brand: gmtlight
materials: white crystal glass
shape: ball
function: decoration and lucky thing
Unit Price: 0.06USD/pc
Min.Order: 100 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-05-14 16:22
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If you want to make souvenirs, artificial crystal ball is an option

Various specifications of artificial crystal ball that can be laser engraved

Crystal ball material: white crystal glass

Crystal ball style: modern simplicity

Logo: laser engraving

Applicable occasions: conference gifts, souvenirs, gifts, wedding celebrations, birthdays, full moon, tourism commemorations, graduation, relocation, Party gatherings, visits, company awards and business gifts

Applicable to gift giving relationship: junior, couple, husband and wife, colleague, friend, senior, child, classmate, teacher

Applicable to Christmas, Valentine's day, Spring Festival, father's day, mother's day, teacher's day, new year's day, Tanabata, Halloween, Easter, national day, children's day, women's Day

Shape geometric sphere

Category: crystal ball

Surface technology polishing

Packaging carton packaging

Crystal ball diameter: 8mm to 400mm

What we're talking about is an artificial crystal ball.

The natural crystal ball is expensive, and the synthetic crystal is cheap, flawless and suitable for carving.

Little knowledge about natural crystal balls:

Perfect and flawless natural crystal products have always been a dream treasure for many people, but imitators often use this psychology to make fake products, which makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish the true from the false. Several methods are recommended for reference.

1. When selecting the white crystal, the surface luster of the natural crystal is mostly "light blue", and it contains "the inner crystal", some are bright chips, some are like clouds, some are like fog, some are like mountains and rivers, because of its natural formation, the shape is random, there is strength, strange and aesthetic. Artificial crystal looks very pale and transparent. Some contain regular oval floccules, which are the production layer of artificial crystal. Synthetic crystals are mostly used for beads or plane processing, such as pencil pendants, ultrasonic Yin carved Buddha pendants and so on. " Crystal glass "and" crystal refining "are completely free of any inclusions.

2. The natural crystal has birefringence. Under the polarizing mirror, the natural crystal will show the change of light and shade every 90 ° rotation, and the light under it can be penetrated. And the synthetic crystal is dimmed, and the light under is not transparent. Crystal glass and melted crystal are even dimmer. Generally, for a natural crystal ball of more than 50 mm, using the "birefringence" feature, pressing the ball on a line will inevitably produce "double shadow", while the artificial crystal ball is "single refraction", so you can clearly see the line under the ball. Second, hold it with your hand and look at your fingerprint through the sphere. If you can see the fingerprint clearly, it's the artificial crystal ball. If it looks a little fuzzy, and the "double shadow" appears on the edge of the finger, it's the natural crystal ball. The larger the sphere, the easier it is to distinguish.

3. Natural crystal is usually heavier. Natural crystal of the same size will be heavier than artificial crystal.

Natural crystal can not avoid its unique impurities and ice, such as natural stone grain, cloud, mineral mark, ice grain and so on, are all normal phenomena. No matter how high the natural crystal is, there will be impurities and ice floes. The quality and grade of crystal products determine the actual price of the products you buy. No matter how high-grade the natural crystal is, it's impossible to have no flaws. It's normal to have slight traces of nature. The natural crystal is rarely perfect. It's impossible to be 100% perfect and flawless. In the process of shooting with real objects, crystal will have a slightly different effect because of different light and angle, different camera and display, more or less different color from the real objects.





适用场合:会议礼品、纪念品,送礼、婚庆,生日,满月,旅游纪念,毕业,乔迁,派对聚会,探病慰问,公司嘉奖 商务礼品







水晶球直径:8mm 到 400mm





1.看内包物 在挑选白水晶时,天然水晶的表面光泽多呈"淡青色",且含有"内包物",有的是些亮晶片,有的似云似雾,有如山川景致,因其天然形成,形态随意,有力度,奇异而富美感。人造水晶外表看来十分苍白剔透,有的含有规则的椭圆形絮状物,那是人造水晶的生成层。 人工合成水晶多做珠子或做平面加工,如笔状吊坠、超音波阴刻佛像吊坠等等。”水晶玻璃“和“炼水晶”完全无任何内包物。