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Necessary folding multi-functional shopping cart and storage box for automobile

Brand: gmtlight
materials: PP panel + aluminum alloy frame + steel
capacity: 65L
use: multifunctional
Unit Price: 8.00USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-05-21 10:16
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Necessary folding multi-functional shopping cart and storage box for automobile

Product material: PP panel + aluminum alloy frame + steel

Product volume: 65L

Bearing capacity: 55 kg

Specifications after folding: 46 * 8 * 49cm

Specification after deployment: 48 * 42 * 49cm

Total height of pull rod: 1m (retractable)

Product net weight: 3.8kg

Packing: carton packing

Product features: foldable, portable, PP new material, good stability, not easy to aging, long use time.

7 advantages, don't you care? how do you think 

① Bring your own stool, good helper for shopping, traveling, fishing and outdoor activities.

② The car is foldable and easy to carry.

③ The pull rod retractable type is more suitable for tall people.

④ Update environmental protection, heat preservation, waterproof and moisture proof materials.

⑤ Unique silent design, wheels on the road quiet silent, shockproof effect is very good.

⑥ Small body, easy to walk in many places.

⑦ Take down the bag, it can have the function of luggage cart, push and pull boxes and other items.

A brief introduction to the product features of the foldable multifunctional shopping cart

Overall design features: novel appearance, fashionable and generous, rich color, portable and unique, open multi-function. Plastic material has the following advantages: environmental protection, durability, light and thin texture, soft feel, good water resistance, convenient cleaning, color fastness, etc. The simple disassembly and installation procedure, which can support 55kg weight and huge space, is favored by shopping malls, tourists and users of goods transmission inside and outside the home.

The design function of the foldable multi-function shopping cart

This trolley can be equipped with a cover. It is designed based on the principle of advanced science, physics and mechanics. It can carry up to 55kg of goods. The products with a cover can seat people. It is not only a necessary tool for shoppers, but also an expert of outdoor leisure carrying goods.

Material use of folding multi-function shopping cart

In terms of PP material, after many tests, we have selected green environmental protection raw materials to ensure that the material is harmless and safe to human body. The principle of ensuring environmental protection and economy,

The commercial characteristics of folding multi-function shopping cart

The trolley shopping cart can be customized according to different applicable occasions, printed with logo, characteristic graphics, text and other contents, so that the shopping cart can not only accommodate the use of items, but also increase the business gift and advertising functions of products.

The new trolley shopping cart is a better commodity tool for shopping, tourism, leisure and commercial publicity in the future. It is the mainstream trend of carrying goods in the future, and the demand market is growing day by day!

Gmtlight comments on the foldable multi-function shopping cart:

With a foldable multi-functional shopping cart, outdoor activities are much more convenient. Park the car, take her with you, where you want to go.













② 车可折叠;方便携带。

③ 拉杆伸缩型,更适合高个子人群。

④ 更新环保、保温、防水、防湿材料。

⑤ 特有的静音设计,轮子走在路上安静无声,防震效果很好。

⑥ 车身小巧,便于在人多地方行走。

⑦ 将包包取下,可兼具行李车功能,推拉箱子等物品。