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USB power wireless controlled game playing coaster (No.GFE-C1010)

Item No.: GFE-C1010
Size: Dia.80*11.7mm
Set pack: 4 coasters & 1 USB cable in box as a set
Unit Price: 15.60USD/set
Min.Order: 100 set
Supply: 20000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-11-10 21:04
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USB power wireless controlled game playing coaster (No.GFE-C1010)

- Item No.: GFE-C1010

- Size: Dia.80*11.7mm

- Material: ABS

- Weight: 38g/pc

- Power supply: USB rechargeable

- Input voltage: 5V/1A

- Charging time: about 2 hours

- Working time: about 8-10 hours

- Battery capacity: 400mAh

- Set pack: 4 coasters & 1 USB cable in box as a set

- Packing details: 4 pcs/box; 60 boxes/ctn; 44.5*44*27cm; 12/11KG

Make the party more funny - App controlled luminous coaster

City life makes people feel busy and tired. After finishing a day's work, if you can have a few drinks with your friends and chat, it will be a good way to rest.

Drinking alone can be boring. Recently, a new kind of coaster has appeared in the pubs that people who have used it say it can make parties more fun.

After hearing about this, my friends and I can't wait to get to the bar after work. I'm going to try this coaster tonight.

It looks like it's no different from ordinary luminous coasters, and it's not even as delicate and beautiful as the one you've seen before. However, the lamp inside it seems to be different from other LED coasters. It doesn't feel very heavy when I hold it. Because this coaster can be charged, I found a USB charging interface on it. Charge it for about 2 hours, and you can keep it with you for 8 hours.

It was not until the bar owner told us the difference of this coaster that we suddenly realized that it could be controlled by app to complete multiplayer games, which would add a lot of fun to everyone's party. We can no longer rely on cards or dice to play those old games, open its dedicated app to try.

Open the app and connect the coasters wirelessly, and you'll find a variety of games to play. For example, in the "lucky wheel" game, when you click "go" to start the game, the connected coasters start to flash. When a random one flashes monochromatic light, it means that people who use it should drink. There are many other ways to play. No wonder people who have used it say that drinking with it will keep you busy all night.

Its lighting mode is not complicated, but with wireless control and a variety of game modes, it becomes very interesting. It's perfect for bars, KTVs, and friends' parties, so it's obviously not a good idea to be alone. It also needs the company of the same kind to be more fun, just as we need friends in our lives.