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Outdoor camping favor LED Safety Bag Light with bright light (

Item: B0029
Material: silicone
Size: total length 19.5CM, round diameter 3CM
Unit Price: 0.49USD/pcs
Min.Order: 1000 pcs
Supply: 10000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-11-20 17:38
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Outdoor camping favor LED Safety Bag Light with bright light

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LED Wheel Safety Bag light, environmentally friendly silicone + ABS material, LED lights with flashing and long light mode, warning of outdoor activities at night. The silicone tape is flexible, and the plastic case can also be customized for your business and brand LOGO. The shell can be customized with color-coded silicone backpack light. It is ideal for outdoor night running, hiking, night fishing, mountain adventure, cycling and other night activities.

Product Name: LED Silicone Backpack Light / Bicycle Warning Light

Product material: silicone + ABS + electronic components

Power supply battery: 2 cr2032 batteries

LED bulb: 3 LED lights

Product weight: 13G

Product introduction: The design is small and portable, can be used for night travel, mountaineering activity team warning, identification, improve travel safety

Light color: red, blue, green, white, yellow, pink, purple, can also do colorful color

Product specifications: total length 19.5CM, round diameter 3CM

Color choice: The surface of the product is a transparent matte texture, which changes the visual effect by the color of the internal LED light.

Product packaging: 1pc / opp bag; 800 / outer box; 38 * 38 * 19.8 cm; 10. KG / 11.50kg

The LED Wheel Safety Bag light is equipped with a silicone switch that is very soft to the touch.

For easy battery replacement, coins can be unscrewed.

The LED Wheel Safety Bag light has two built-in CR2032 batteries for durability.

Environmentally friendly silicone tape that can be stretched.

Light mode: three-speed light mode, fast flashing - slow flashing - always bright function.

The outer casing and silicone can be custom-made in color, and the outer casing can be customized.

The material of the LED Wheel Safety Bag light is waterproof and can be used for the same brightness on rainy days.

Each warning light of the LED Wheel Safety Bag light contains a high-bright LED bead to achieve a warning safety. Suitable for dark environments or night activities, outdoor sports, LED lighting, warning function, and individuality, design fashion is suitable for day or night.

LED Wheel Safety Bag light is used in a wide range of applications: election campaigns, concerts, stadiums, ball games, outdoor sports, night markers, sales, advertising, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, gifts, giveaways, promotional items, etc. Customize the LOGO according to the guest documentation.