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LED light string with Chinese knot style Zhongguojie

Brand: gmtlight
length: 10m
quantity for knots: 80pcs
power: AA battery
Unit Price: 2.45USD/set
Min.Order: 500 set
Supply: 10000 set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-12-13 15:43
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LED light string with Chinese knot style,Or Zhongguojie.

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Product details: the lantern string is a decoration for festivals or large-scale activities. The lantern string with Chinese knot has a strong cultural element. The Chinese knot is a symbol of festivity, reflecting a better life and future.

Product material: transparent PS

Product length: 10M

Number of knots and LED lights in China: 80pcs

Power supply: 3 AA batteries (can work more than 12 hours), or conventional power plug

single effect for LED light string with Chinese knot style Zhongguojie

battery house for LED light string with Chinese knot style

Controller for LED light string with Chinese knot style Zhongguojie

How to connect more string together for LED light string with Chinese knot style Zhongguojie

On the culture of Chinese knot:

Chinese knot is a kind of handmade handicraft which is unique to China. The delicacy and wisdom shown on it is just one side of ancient Chinese civilization. It was originally made from sewing and knotting in the Paleolithic age, and then extended to the ritual records of the Han Dynasty, and then evolved into today's decorative crafts.

The jade worn by Zhou Dynasty people was often decorated with Chinese knots, while bronze wares in the Warring States period also had Chinese knot patterns. It was not until the Qing Dynasty that the Chinese knot really became a popular art among the people. Nowadays, it is mostly used to decorate the interior, gifts between relatives and friends and personal accessories. Because of its symmetrical and delicate appearance, it can represent the long history of China and conform to the custom and aesthetic concept of Chinese traditional decoration, so it is named "Chinese knot".









周朝人随身的佩戴玉常以中国结为装饰,而战国时代的铜器上也有中国结的图案,延续至清朝中国结才真正成为了盛传于民间的艺术。 当代多用来装饰室内、亲友间的馈赠礼物及个人的随身饰物。因为其外观对称精致,可以代表中国悠久的历史,符合中国传统装饰的习俗和审美观念,故命名为中国结。