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Colorful paper material multiple shapes birthday gift pinata (No.PNT-S01)

Item No.: PNT-S01
Size: L.34*W.10*H.40cm
Regular package: Plastic bag for each pc
Unit Price: 9.20USD/pc
Min.Order: 100 pc
Supply: 50000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2021-12-07 17:11
Hits: 70
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Colorful paper material multiple shapes birthday gift pinata (No.PNT-S01)

- Item No.: PNT-S01

- Shape: Unicorn, Donkey, Horse, Watermelon, Heart, Circle, Car, Customized

- Size: L.34*W.10*H.40cm

- Material: Paper

- Size of container: W.9cm

- Body color: Multiple color

- Regular package: Plastic bag for each pc

- Customized design: Acceptable

This Pinata game has no venue restrictions. The places you can play include: home, back garden, park, hotel, school, classroom, cafe and so on. Moreover, Pinata's playing method is very simple. It can be hung or stand on the ground. Children and the elderly can participate in this game.

Just smash Pinata and you can get the candy and gifts inside. All this represents good luck. Games do not need to be played on specific days, such as Chinese new year, children's birthday, company opening, small and large parties, etc. you can smash a pinata to bring you good luck. There is no special reason to smash Pinata. It is a happy game and brings you more unforgettable memories.

-- about Pinata --

Pinata is the English name. Pinata originated from China. It is used to celebrate the Spring Festival. The earliest Pinata were wrapped in paper filled with seeds and small fruits. Marco Polo learned this custom during his trip to China. Then Marco Polo spread it to Italy, France, and Spain.

Both Italians and French accepted this custom. The Spanish brought this custom to the new world after conquering Mexico. Later, Pinata evolved into one of the symbols of evil in Catholic culture. In China, the earliest Pinata was made of cattle or buffalo. In order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival, Chinese people wrap different colors of paper into the shape of cattle or buffalo, and decorate them. People smashed the cow with a colorful stick, and the wrapped seeds were scattered all over the ground. Then we burn the remaining parts with fire and collect ashes to pray for good luck in the new year.


棙杨(YW)- 35 (100/34;10;40)