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Single sided adhesive backed copper foil is widely used for heat dissipation, shielding and conducti

Brand: gmtlight
thickness: 0.05mm to 0.2mm
materials: copper
function: sided adhesive
Unit Price: 0.29USD/roll
Min.Order: 1000 roll
Supply: 10000 roll
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2022-04-21 09:49
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Single sided adhesive backed copper foil is widely used for heat dissipation, shielding and conductive copper foil tape

Product concept: copper foil back glue, one-sided touch heat dissipation, two-sided self-adhesive copper foil, with shielding, single or double conductivity, copper foil tape

Thickness: from 0.05mm to 0.2mm different thickness

Long term temperature resistance: 120

Scope of application: mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital products

Short term temperature resistance: 150

Adhesive system: pressure sensitive adhesive

Elongation coefficient: kg / h 48

Features: high conductivity, heat conduction, shielding, high temperature resistance

Purpose: electromagnetic shielding, power distribution signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding

Body thickness: 0.05mm

Tear off mode: easy to tear / can be cut off, cross cut and straight cut

Temperature tolerance range: - 10 ℃ --- 120 ℃

Viscosity: 1000g

Series: high temperature adhesive tape

Product specifications: various specifications.

Single guide: 3mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 5mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 8mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 10mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 12mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 15mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 20mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 25mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 30mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 40mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 45mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 50mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 3mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 5mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 8mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 10mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 12mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 15mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 20mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 25mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Single guide: 30mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 3mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 5mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 8mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 10mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 12mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 15mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 20mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 25mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 30mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 50mm * 20m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 3mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 5mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 8mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 10mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 12mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 15mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 20mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 25mm * 50m * 0.05mm

Double guide: 30mm * 50m * 0.05mm