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Battery power home indoor daily use smoke ashtray anion purifying air purifier (No.AP-006B)

Item No.: AP-006B
Size: 130*130*70mm
Power supply: 2pcs*AA (Not included)
Unit Price: 6.22USD/pc
Min.Order: 100 pc
Supply: 20000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2022-06-29 09:32
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Battery power home indoor daily use smoke ashtray anion purifying air purifier (No.AP-006B)

- Item No.: AP-006B

- Size: 130*130*70mm

- Material: Flame retardant material

- Body color: Grey / Blue / Green

- Power supply: Battery

- Battery type: 2pcs*AA (Not included)

- Purification mode: Anion purification

- Net weight: 229g/pc

- Gross weight: 280g

- Features: Automatically power off by timer

- Working time: 5.2 min each time

- Usage time: about 40 times by 2 batteries

- Regular package: Paper box for each pc (131*135*73mm)

- Packing details: 1pc/box; 36pcs/ctn; 53*29*37cm(0.057CBM); 11/10KG

  1. Traditional ashtray, smoke dispersion. After our ashtray purifier is opened with one key, the ashtray adopts the structure of natural air suction, and the smoke is discharged by the suction formed by aerodynamics, which can effectively and quickly absorb and filter the smoke.

  2. In terms of endurance, the No. 5 battery commonly used in the market can be removed and replaced at any time. The two No. 5 batteries can work about 40 times (taking Nanfu brand batteries as an example) for 5.2 minutes each time.

  3. The card slot with built-in aromatherapy tablets can also be used to replace aromatherapy tablets with different flavors at will. With the exhaust, the aroma will be distributed more evenly. See the manual for the location of the card slot.

  4. The built-in filter cotton is the filter cotton containing negative ion release, and the corresponding authoritative experiment report has been made for the filter cotton. Strainers can be ordered separately.

  5. The ashtray usually only has the functions of placing cigarette body and installing cigarette butts. When the cigarette rack is on it, the smoke is swirling. When throwing the cigarette butts, the cigarette butts should be extinguished. The ashtray purifier designed by our company adopts the principle of natural suction, and the smoke can achieve the effect of air purification through the purification screen. Built in negative ion filter cotton and the cylinder block can be removed for cleaning. The filter screen can be removed and replaced at any time, and the cylinder body can be cleaned more conveniently.

  6. In order to prolong the endurance and avoid forgetting to shut down, this ashtray purifier has added an intelligent scheme. It will automatically shut down after 5.2 minutes of use with one button.

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