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Solar direct powered moving insect or small animal games

Brand: gmtlight
power: solar
battery: no battery needed
function: moving forward
Unit Price: 1.12USD/pc
Min.Order: 100 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2022-07-26 09:20
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Solar powered insect or small animal games

[product name] solar Grasshopper solar toy solar insect children's toy tricky toy new strange toy

[optional color] green

[material] PVC + non toxic ABS plastic + solar panel + motor

[solar panel] 1V, 70ma

[micromotor] 1.5V, 60mA

[product size] 14.3x18x20mm

[packaging] color transparent blister

[product weight] about 6g

[structure composition]

1. Shell assembly: it is composed of plastic head, plastic body, metal leg and solar panel.

2. Power generation module: Powered by solar energy.

3. Circuit components: composed of solar cells and micro motors.

[usage] the solar panel is exposed to the sunlight.

[product name] solar cockroaches / insect toys / children's toys / creative toys / new strange toys / Xiaoqiang toys

[optional color] black

[material] PVC + non toxic ABS plastic + electronic components

[product size] body length 45mm, must be 55mm

[package size] 104x138x21mm, color transparent blister

[product weight] about 20g

This is a new solar energy product. Welcome to wholesale! Carton specifications are as follows:

[outer box size] 54.5*49.5*35cm

[inner box size] 53*24*11cm

[net weight] 6kg

[gross weight] 8kg

[quantity] 50pcs/ inner box, 300pcs/6 inner box / outer box


1. Please do not place this product in high temperature and humidity.

2. The solar panel should be directly facing the sunlight, otherwise it will affect the effect.

[warning] it should not be used to scare friends who are too timid and friends who are younger than yourself! ha-ha...

[product description]

The product adopts solar power supply technology, without battery, and converts light energy into power under the sunlight

It can directly drive low-power micro vibration motor to achieve product specific vibration effect (it can be used all over the body

Shaking, moving forward and backward, rotating left and right like foraging), the product is novel and unique, environmental protection and energy saving,

Fashionable and compact, exquisite in shape and easy to carry, it is also a good way for the school to enlighten students on the concept of solar energy

Teaching supplies

[product use]

1. Exquisite work is a prank toy, which can scare your friends and colleagues.

2. Keep it in your bag to prevent thieves.

3. It can be given to children

4. You can play in class

5. It can be used as a cross-border e-commerce, and foreign friends will like it


Solar Grasshopper usd1.12/pc

Solar cockroach usd1.22/pc

Solar beetle usd1.99/pc

Solar Scarab usd1.87/pc

Solar polypodia usd1.52/pc

Solar ant usd1.87/pc

Solar bee usd1.82/pc

Solar spider usd1.62/pc

Solar turtle usd2.12/pc

Solar crab usd1.99/pc

Solar usd1.92/pc

Solar powered sports car usd1.12/pc

[unique advantages]

An ordinary tabletop ornament with a solar panel on its back. On this panel

With help, grasshoppers can shake their feet, move their claws, and be vivid. It's fashionable, your desktop

Good toy. Having fun after work is the right way to combine work and rest. How many does this baby have

Children must play with their parents to prevent them from putting

It is eaten in the mouth

Under the sunlight or the light bulb with more than 100 watts, this grasshopper will move. Children don't want to go outdoors? There it is

In the sun, you don't have to worry. Play in middle school, play in school, take care of your water cup and take good care of your children