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HQ Super Fluorescent stick can be reused for concert

Brand: gmtlight
color: 15colors
size: 3cm dia
battery: AAA
Unit Price: 3.17USD/pc
Min.Order: 1000 pc
Supply: 10000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2022-09-26 15:34
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Super Fluorescent stick for concert,Super glow stick can be reused for concert

Product features: 15 color LED free switching, super brightness, oversize

Specification: diameter 3cm; Length 25 cm

Color: 24 colors

Logo: can be printed

Material: ABS

Surface treatment: streamline, beautiful appearance

Material: luminous part: PETG, handle: ABS

Power supply mode: use 3 No. 7 batteries

Weight: about 60g

Packing quantity 1:100 pieces/box (packed in opp bags)

Outer box size: 35.5 * 28 * 36 cm

Gross weight: 7kgs without battery, 8.8kg with battery

Packing quantity 2: 200 pieces/box (packed in opp bags)

Outer box size: 63.5 * 32 * 32 cm

Gross weight: 14kgs without battery, 17.5kg with battery

Packing quantity 3: 126 pieces/box (white box packing)

Outer box size: 39.8 * 39 * 39 cm

Gross weight: 10.5kgs without battery, 12.8kg with battery

Product operation mode:

There are 2 buttons at the bottom of the product,

The A key is the key of the stripe. Turn down to select the color

B key is a smooth key, turn up to select the color

Open: press A or B to open

Close: press A or B for 2 seconds to close

Color change: After turning on the light color, press key A to switch colors in sequence (press key B to move back one color), a total of 15 colors.

Press to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 15, 16 times, 1-15 are 15 colors, 16 is light color automatic cycle mode, press the 17th time to turn off the light.

(If you press B, it starts from the last mode, such as 16 15, 14, 13... 3, 2, 1).

Color change order: Red → Green → Blue → Pink → White → Yellow → Light blue → Light green → Purple → Orange → Light pink → Aqua blue → Light yellow → Dark green → Light red → 15 colors change color automatically.