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Clean indoor air, dust, dust Ozone generator

Item No.: AP-003
Material: ABS
Size: 14*90*30mm
Unit Price: 13.69USD/piece
Min.Order: 500 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-27 12:18
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Clean indoor air, dust, dust Ozone generator

Product Size:14*90*30mm

colour: white, green

Weight: 190g

Rated power: 5W

Input voltage: 110-240V

Ozone release: 200mg / h

Negative ion concentration: 1000W / cm3

Multi-angle display

Working mode: timing mode (ozone release 30 minutes); cycle mode (ozone release 10 minutes, cycle every 60 minutes); negative ion mode (continuous work).

Choice of three modes to meet different usage needs

Ozone timed disinfection mode

Turn on the ozone mode to remove formaldehyde, TVOC, etc., and it will end automatically at 30 minutes.

Ozone cycle mode

Turn on ozone cycle mode to sterilize, remove formaldehyde odor, and automatically cycle for 10 minutes every 60 minutes.

Negative ion normally open mode

Press the switch to turn on the negative ion mode to purify the air, and the machine can run continuously for 2 years with continuous power.

German imported ozone chip, stronger and faster deodorizing ability

Anion purification  Ozone disinfection  Fast clean  time setting  recycle  ABS material

True dual function machine

Fast deodorization, one-stop air purification

200mg / h ozone release

1000W / cm3 anion concentration

American Technology CPU Chip

Improved performance, stable transmission speed, 5W low power, 200 kWh operation.

Silent fan

Using Japanese technology, the noise is as low as 5 decibels, giving you a quieter environment.

Germany imported ozone chip technology

200mg / h active oxygen release, rapid decomposition of formaldehyde odor and other bacteria, stronger and faster.

Decompose odorous substances

Ozone decomposes harmful substances and bacteria in the air. Instead of physical absorption, fragrance masking.

1000W negative ion release

Negative ions can remove dust and particulate matter from the air, and the sterilization effect is more obvious.

Open before work

Ozone disinfection function, clear formaldehyde odor bacteria

Switch after work

Negative ion mode, further clean air

Quiet night

Sleep peacefully and enjoy clean air

Decoration formaldehyde

Various chemicals emitted by the decoration are released for a long time.

Pet Odor Bacteria

Various unpleasant smells from pet's feces and urine.

Household pollution

Formaldehyde / benzene / TCOV pollution and other volatile emissions throughout the year.

Toilet odor

The source of toilet odor, various harmful bacteria, chemicals volatile from cleaning agents.

Suitable for 50cm3: home environment: living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, etc., commercial environment with formaldehyde smell after decoration; travel hotels, restaurants, buildings, public toilets.

Principle of active oxygen sterilization

Quickly spread, penetrate into cells, kill bacteria and remove odor. Utilizing its strong oxidizing properties, it destroys the cell walls that break down bacteria.