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Warm light effect LED strings decorative dreamcatcher

Size: Length.40cm
LED Color: Warm white
Battery: 2pcs*CR2032
Unit Price: 2.64USD/piece
Min.Order: 1000 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-28 15:39
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Warm light effect LED strings decorative dreamcatcher

1) Item No.: LD-001

2) Size: Length.40cm

3) Material: Iron ring; Flannelette; Wooden beads; Artificial ornament; Artificial feather

4) Weight: 40g/set

5) Body Color: Pink / White / Blue / Green / Purple / Colorful

6) LED Color: Warm white

7) Packing: 1pc/opp bag; 50*40*30cm; 250pcs/ctn

8) Producing Process: Hand made

9) Battery: 2pcs*cr2032

10) Application: Bedroom; Living room; Scene decoration

The net circle of dream catching net is elaborately made and beautifully designed. At the same time, the products can be produced according to the samples or designs provided by customers. Everyone can find their own style, let it accompany everyone to dream.

With the LED decorative lights, it looks more warm and soft, while making the room atmosphere at night more warm. Powered by 2 batteries, the light is stable, soft and unobtrusive.

Dreamcatcher originated in the 18th century. Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams and let nightmares disappear with the morning sun. They believed that the night air was full of dreams. only dream catcher can filter dreams and bring them into beautiful dreams. The traditional dream catcher is to weave a circle with branches, wrap it around a circle with leather, and then make a net in the circle with cowcord. Occasionally, there are some colored beads on the cowbead line, and some feathers are hung on one end of the circle with leather. There is a round hole in the middle of the net. It is said that only a good dream can pass through the hole and flow down the feather. However, the nightmare will be trapped in the net and disappear with the sun on the next day

Good wishes, primitive, warm and mysterious. Nowadays, dream catcher has appeared in some jewelry stores, becoming a new and unique furnishing of modern home, with various styles. Some of them are big and loose, some are small and dense, and their colors are different, attracting many young people to buy. They may not know its origin, but they like its special and beautiful, so they buy it as a gift My lover or friend, send me sincere wishes.