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Cheng Haiqing's calligraphy works

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Cheng Haiqing, born in 1945, is Mingxiao. Male, from Shenzhou City, Hebei Province, now lives in Beijing. Han nationality, a famous contemporary Chinese female ink painter. Member of China Photographers Association. Member of China Calligrapher Association, member of Art Committee of China Academy of calligraphy and painting, director of China Artists Association, Art Committee of China Academy of ink and wash art, chairman of Art Committee of China calligrapher magazine, creation researcher of China Academy of painting and calligraphy for the aged, academician of China Caifu Academy of painting and calligraphy, deputy director of organizing committee of China's first watercolor art exhibition, Hebei Photographers Association Consultant, director of Hebei Artists Association, consultant of Hebei Calligraphers Association, special painter of Hebei Academy of painting, consultant of China Three Gorges Academy of painting, member of Art Committee of China National Museum Gallery, guest professor.

In calligraphy, he is good at both small regular script and list script. His regular script is rigorous and his big characters are magnificent. His figures in traditional Chinese painting are painted with the method of boneless painting. There are only a few strokes, and their forms are fully performed.

His works have participated in exhibitions at home and abroad for many times. He has won the first prize of the Grand Prix of the whole army, the second prize of the grand exhibition of Hebei Province, the silver prize of the grand competition at home and abroad to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the excellent work prize of the National Grand Prix to welcome the return, the bronze prize of the world Chinese exhibition, and the gold prize of the first human contribution in the category of culture and art calligraphy. He was awarded "international silver artist" by the 15th art group of the International Federation of fine arts.

His achievements have been successively reported by the people's daily, China culture daily, China Art daily, China painting and calligraphy daily, art daily, China painting daily, PLA military daily, PLA painting daily and TV stations, and included in the sea of Chinese people's dictionaries, contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy celebrity catalogue, the great achievement of Chinese calligraphy art, and selected works of Chinese calligraphy《 Chinese Contemporary Chinese painting collection, Chinese contemporary art celebrity record, world celebrity record, Star Collection and other books.

He has published Ming Xiao calligraphy and painting selection, Cheng Haiqing calligraphy works appreciation, Chinese painter Cheng Haiqing works selection, Chinese contemporary calligraphy and Painting Artist Series Cheng Haiqing calligraphy works selection, Chinese contemporary calligraphy and Painting Artist Series Cheng Haiqing album.

The works are collected by Chairman Mao's memorial hall, China National Museum and other collection units.