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Feng Chunming's Painting and calligraphy works

Brand: Feng Chunming
Painter: Feng Chunming
styles: Chinese Painting
Unit Price: 1600.00USD/paper
Min.Order: 1 paper
Supply: 1 paper
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-01-18 22:43
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Famous painter Feng Chunming's works of Chinese painting

Feng Chunming, born in 1952, is from Beijing. Graduated from the Department of environmental art and design of the Central Academy of Arts and crafts, Tsinghua Academy of fine arts has been taught by Zhang Ding, Wu Guanzhong and other famous artists. He is good at Chinese painting and calligraphy. He specializes in mountains and rivers. He is famous for painting folk houses and ancient buildings, especially Chinese classical buildings and stone pavilions, thatched houses and tile houses, small bridges and flowing water. His paintings not only have the elegance of the countryside and the charm of the ancient city, but also form his own unique art and painting style

Relevant positions of Feng Chunming:

President of Chinese Academy of calligraphy and painting

President of China Huayi calligraphy and Painting Academy

Vice chairman of cross strait cultural and Art Industry Federation of China

Director of Beijing Foreign Friendship Association

Visiting professor and tutor of Lanting School of calligraphy and painting, Peking University

Feng Chunming's artistic achievements

His excellent works have been selected into the national art exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of culture, China Federation of literary and art circles, China Art Association, people's Art Publishing House and national cultural and art units for many times, and have been exhibited in China Art Museum, National Academy of painting and other major galleries and at home and abroad. And in the people's pictorial, people's Art Publishing House, art newspaper, decoration, Chinese painting Yearbook and other domestic dozens of publications published and more than a dozen media for special interviews.

★ the South Bank of the Green River in spring, the spring in the south of the Yangtze River and the morning glow of the great wall are hung in Terminal T3 of the capital airport, Zhongnanhai, the State Administration College, Beijing Metro and other units, and are collected by art groups, museums and individuals at home and abroad, such as Zhongnanhai capital airport, people's Art Publishing House, China Radio International, Yuanmingyuan, etc.

★ 2012 voice of the Straits radio station (Feng Chunming, a painter who spreads traditional Chinese culture with his brush) made a special report.

★ the overseas edition of the people's pictorial in 2013 introduced his painting and calligraphy works.

★ in 2013, CCTV channel 11 made a special report (calligraphy, drama, painter Feng Chunming).

★ in 2016, the people's pictorial reported on Feng Chunming's Jiangnan.

★ in 2016, she was selected as the judge of the first world youth art competition.

★ on July 13, 2017, Beijing Evening News reported in detail its art history over the years under the title of "spring and spring".

★ in 2017, he was employed as the judge of the national textile industry painting and calligraphy exhibition of textile light.

★ on September 2, 2017, the special film Feng Chunming's freehand life was broadcasted on CCTV discovery travel channel.

He has been awarded the title of outstanding contemporary painting and calligraphy artist by international cultural and Art Exchange Association and other units for many times. He has written home decoration art, and collected 21 Chinese calligraphy and painting works into the collection of Chinese contemporary painting and calligraphy works, which has been distributed nationwide. In 2014, China Huayi calligraphy and painting academy and Baoding Municipal government were organized to jointly hold charity calligraphy and painting charity sale activities for poverty-stricken families and disabled children. Over the years, China has participated in various charity relief activities to donate calligraphy and painting works.

Feng Chunming's main works exhibition Yearbook:

★ participated in the art exhibition on the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Forbidden City in 2010.

★ in 2011, he participated in the exhibition of Chinese painting works of Asian Art Festival.

★ in 2012, he participated in the invitation exhibition of Chinese and Korean famous calligraphers and painters.

★ in 2013, CCTV drama channel made a special program report on "calligraphy opera rhyme painter Feng Chunming".

★ participated in the joint exhibition of Chinese and Korean artists in South Korea in 2014.

★ in 2015, he participated in the 8090 ink painting exhibition of the Central Academy of Arts and crafts.

★ in 2015, he participated in the exhibition of works of Chinese contemporary famous calligraphers and painters

★ 2015 work Jiangnan Water Town participated in China International Art Fair

★ in 2016, he participated in the invitation exhibition of Chinese dream painting and calligraphy masterpieces and "art Tiancheng"

★ in 2016, he participated in the joint exhibition of painting and calligraphy of art newspaper and Taiwan Zhenzhuo Art Museum.

★ in 2016, he participated in the 2016 art masters invitation exhibition held by China National Academy of painting.

★ in 2016, he participated in the invitation of famous artists of art Guanghua held by the Art Museum of China National Academy of painting

★ participated in the exhibition of art diary works held by the people's Art Press in 2017

★ in 2017, he participated in the Chinese dream painting and calligraphy exhibition of landscape art museum

★ participated in the alumni exhibition of Tsinghua Academy of fine arts held in the art center of National Academy of painting in 2017.