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Works of great painter Kang Haisheng

Brand: gmtlight
auther: Kang Haisheng
Unit Price: 2000.00USD/paper
Min.Order: 1 paper
Supply: 1 paper
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
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Updated on: 2020-01-21 15:06
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Now we will introduce Mr Kang Haisheng, The great painter in China today.

Kang Haisheng: born in Beijing, studied under the famous painters, Hu Zhenkun, He Jinghan, Shan Wenzhi, Cong Hongbo. He is often guided by famous painters Jia Haoyi, Li Tiesheng and Bian Shucai.

In the early 1980s, Mr. Kang Haisheng traveled to Dachuan, Xiajiang in the south, Taihang in the north and Beijing suburb village farm. His works have participated in many Beijing and national calligraphy and painting exhibitions and won many awards.

His works are collected by many enterprises and individuals, such as capital museum, capital airport, capital library, Chaoyang library, district archives, Yinque hotel of air force, etc.

Kanghaisheng's works have been published by the media for many times, including Beijing Evening News, global times, the national labor movement today's world, Chinese artists, the world's Chinese masters, the national general painting collection, and the Chinese calligraphy and painting masters collection. 

Now, kanghaisheng is a first-class artist, vice president of harmonious calligraphy and painting academy, vice president of Beijing jiwenge calligraphy and painting academy, member of Beijing Artists Association, and capital city Director of Artists Association, executive director of Chinese Academy of calligraphy and painting, director of Chaoyang District Art Association, executive director of Weizheng Academy of calligraphy and painting, executive director of Guodian academy, and academician of Zhengde Academy of calligraphy and painting.