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halloween costume Cosplay LED Rave Mask

Item: M-62
Material: ABS
Size: 20.5 * 17cm
Unit Price: 2.03USD/pieces
Min.Order: 500 pieces
Supply: 1000 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-09 16:21
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halloween costume Cosplay LED Rave Mask

black with blood double thread slit mouth fork eye luminous mask

Name: black with blood double thread slit mouth fork eye luminous mask

Material: environmental protection plastic

Weight: 95g

Size: 20.5 * 17cm

Color: 10 colors (transparent blue, fluorescent green, dark green, pink, red, orange, yellow, dark blue, white light, purple)

Function: normal (constant light - slow flicker - fast flicker - off) is shipped by default.

Voice control payment (constant brightness - flicker - voice control - off) contact customer service for 3 yuan difference.

Package: OPP bag (please contact customer service for special package)

Power supply mode: two No.5 AA batteries for ordinary type and two No.7 AAA batteries (excluding batteries) for voice control type.

Suitable occasions: masquerade ball, party, birthday party, Halloween, Carnival and other festivals, COSPLAY 

performance, bar performance, night performance, personality decoration, etc

Product advantages: full body light, no dazzling, no UV, radiation.

Product packing: single OPP, 100pcs / CTN; 52 * 41 * 32cm; 11K


1.Glowing EL Wire is woven into the mask,made of durable PVC,has no UV harm,NO adveres effects on the human body.

2.With some foam glued to inside that make it much more comfortable tp wear than the masks that didn't have it.

3.The mask control have 4 modes:on,off,Fast flashing,Slow flashing.Light uniform,soft,do not flicker,will not make the eyes produce tension,fatigue.

4.Clip the power pack to you pocket or onto your clothing.In the low power will be when the light,the power consumption of miliwatts.

5.The mask can be used and any Occasional such as party ,rave paries,discos,clubs,Halloween,birthdays and events