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Creative half arc LED luminous glasses

Brand: gmtlight
materials: plastic
light: LED string light effect
battery: 12V 23A
Unit Price: 3.99USD/pc
Min.Order: 500 pc
Supply: 1000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-04 10:25
Hits: 173
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Creative half arc LED luminous glasses

half arc luminous glasses

half arc luminous glasses

half arc luminous glasses

half arc luminous glasses

half arc luminous glasses


This is a kind of DIY evening glasses, the workmanship is a little rough, pay attention to the appearance of users carefully buy. The products pay more attention to the brilliant luminous effect at night.

[name]: semicircle arc LED luminous glasses

[material]: plastic + LED light strip

[color]: 6 colors (warm white light, cold white light, red light, blue light, green light, yellow light)

[packaging]: default OPP bag packaging

[weight]: 142g

[function]: constant light - off

half arc luminous glasses

[power supply]: one 12V 23a battery (if more batteries are needed, please indicate)

Note: air cargo usually does not contain batteries.

What is LED light-emitting glasses: English abbreviation led glasses, LED light-emitting glasses use LED light belt as the light source, with the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, gorgeous and dazzling, which is very suitable for Halloween, carnival, daily masquerade ball, party, birthday party and other festivals, as well as Cosplay performance, bar performance, night performance, personality decoration, etc.

Gmtlight comments on creative half arc LED luminous glasses:

Glasses are common decoration, reflective glasses will attract the attention of the other party to a greater extent, and are a good partner for peeping, because the other party often can't see your glasses. It's the weapon of the masquerade

half arc luminous glasses








【供电】:采用1节12V 23A电池(如果需要更多电池可以注明)


什么是LED发光眼镜:英文简称LED Glasses,LED发光眼镜是采用LED灯带作为光源,具有节能环保,绚丽耀眼等特征,非常适合万圣节、狂欢节、日常化装舞会,派对聚会,生日Party等节日庆典,以及Cosplay表演,酒吧表演,夜场表演,个性装饰等。