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LED luminous roses

Item No.: FSP-16
Material: plastic
Size: 30CM,
Unit Price: 0.75USD/piece
Min.Order: 1000 piece
Supply: 100000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-04 14:11
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LED luminous roses

LED luminous roses can be sold at flower shops, nightclubs, school gates, and streets at night.

Gorgeous light is a beautiful, romantic gift! It can be used for various occasions such as dating, marriage proposal, Valentine's day, wedding etiquette, birthday party, banquet party and so on.

Packing: 1 pc / PP bag with built-in button battery

Color: Red Pink Blue Yellow

Glow for colorful change

Size: 30CM,

Packing: 300 / piece

Rose language In ancient Greek mythology, roses combine love and beauty in one body. They are both the embodiment of beauty and the blood of love. Worldwide, roses are the universal language used to express love. On Valentine's Day, roses are worth more and are pets between lovers and couples. Roses represent love, and roses of different colors and flowers have other good fortunes.

Rose (red): Passion, love you I love you, love, hope to have passionate love with you

Rose (blue): Miracles and impossible things.

Rose (pink): Touched, a declaration of love, remembered in the heart, first love, like your bright smile.

Rose (white): naive, pure, respectful, humble.

Rose (yellow): chastity, jealousy, joy, joy, apology.