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LED Light Stick With Remote Control Support DMX

Equipped with a remote control to control the color of the flash stick of the audience to achieve a neat, rhythmic and controllable effect.

1. Material of flash bar: ABS + PVC

LED Light Stick With Remote Control Support DMX

2. Flash bar size: 3cm diameter * 30cm in length

3. Weight of single flash rod: 60g

4. LED color: as required

5. Appearance color of flash stick: more than 2000 regular white colors can be specified free of charge

6. Battery life: 8-10 hours

7. Battery inside the flash bar: 3 * AAA battery.

This kind of remote control flash stick is suitable for large-scale parties, performances and company annual meetings. The flash rod is made of high-quality ABS and PVC material suitable for light efficiency. It is equipped with AAA universal battery. The diameter of 3cm conforms to human's mechanics and hand feeling, and LED light efficiency is adopted.

Working frequency: 433MHz

Transmitting power: 35W;

Effective use range: 600m to 1000m;




2.闪光棒的尺寸:  3cm diameter*30CM in Length

3.单个闪光棒的重量: 60g

4.LED颜色: 按照需求

5.闪光棒的外观颜色: 常规白色 2000个以上可以免费指定颜色