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What we are going to introduce here is a nylon LED luminous clapping wrist strap, also known as luminous arm strap

Gmtlight's design concept of LED luminous clapper:

1. Originated from the humanized concept: convenient, safe, fashionable, considerate, lively, beautiful and equal

2. High density nylon webbing + TPU optical fiber + ABS engineering plastic switch box

3. Tensile test, strength test, oxidation resistance and corrosion test of plastic and metal fasteners

4. Various uses, such as cycling, party, performance, camping, mountain climbing, etc

[usage]: adjust the long light, fast flash, slow flash and close through the switch

[luminous color]: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink, seven colors

[suitable population]: Adult

[product specification]: specification: length 35cm, width 4cm, weight about 34g

[light source description]: LED light is on, and the whole optical fiber is on through Pu light conducting optical fiber strip, so as to achieve the safety function of lighting warning.

[quality standard]: This product is of export quality, has passed the environmental protection certification, and is effective in rain and waterproof.

This nylon cloth LED luminous clapping wrist strap is suitable for dark environment, night activities and outdoor sports. It is illuminated by LED optical fiber, playing a warning role and expressing personality at the same time. The design is fashionable and suitable for use in both day and night.


1: is the battery replaceable? Answer: Yes.

2: what is the flash mode? A: fast flash, slow flash, long light, off. Four stalls

3: how long can the battery work continuously? A: about 20-30 hours

4: can the luminous belt be waterproof? A: it can be conventional waterproof.

6: where can I sell batteries? A: Universal style.



1 、源于人性化理念:方便,安全,时尚,体贴,活泼,美好,平等

2 、材料采用高密度尼龙织带+TPU导光光纤+ABS工程塑胶开关盒

3 、拉力测试,塑料和金属扣件的强度测试,抗氧化和腐蚀测试.

4 、多种用途,骑行、派对、演出、野营、爬山等等




【产品规格】:规格:长35cm  宽4cm  重约34克