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How does this product remove bacteria?

The membrane pores are much smaller than bacteria, so it can filter out bacteria.

For example, under a magnification of 3000 times, we can observe that the diameter of human hair is about 60-80 microns, the average size of E. coli is about 1 * 4 microns, and the pore diameter of ceramic membrane holes is about 0.1 microns This structure allows the ceramic filter to filter out these common bacteria and impurities more effectively.

The raw materials used in these ceramic filter elements are from deep-sea diatomaceous earth, which is natural and pure and does not contain any added ingredients. At the same time, its performance is stable and it is not easy to age. This raw material is sintered at high temperature to obtain an inorganic ceramic material.

The brown-red color of the filter element is the original color of the inorganic ceramic material. The finished filter element is a smooth surface that is naturally formed in one molding, instead of being polished after a later period.